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Free, without or with an account, unlimited storage, respectful of your data and much more ... We want to revolutionize the world of the cloud by offering you new services, services that respect you and that carry our values. We therefore want to be independent, we will donate 50% of our profits to international organizations, a commitment from filehostingarea. You therefore bring a lot by consulting this site and we thank you for it.

conditions of use of the filehostingarea.com
site updated on 11/18/2020

1- illegal files

any illegal files retransmitted to the filehostingarea.com site will be deleted. the authors of its files will be the only ones responsible for their actions and can not in any case incriminate filehostingarea.com

2-Data used by filehostingarea.com

filehostingarea.com do not resell your data directly to commercial partners, however filehostingarea.com may contain advertisements which may retrieve part of your browsing data, under no circumstances may it receive sensitive information such as your age, your name, your first name or your date of birth.


Filehostingarea.com may be required to present advertising banners on its site, these banners are intended to finance the infrastructure and expenses generated by filehostingarea.com, which is why we ask you not to interfere with the display of its advertisements, for example by disabling your ad blocker if you have one.

4-the computer security of the filehostingarea.com site

filehostingarea.com does everything to implement the latest methods of protection against hacking. Filehostingarea.com is regularly updated in order to always better protect you and always preserve your confidentiality.

5- backups

filehostingarea.com may be required to make irregular backups of the content sent by its users to its site. The purpose of these backups is to perpetuate the activity of filehostingarea.com. In the event of a major failure, filehostingarea.com cannot be blamed for not having made backups.



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