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Free, without or with an account, unlimited storage, respectful of your data and much more ... We want to revolutionize the world of the cloud by offering you new services, services that respect you and that carry our values. We therefore want to be independent, we will donate 50% of our profits to international organizations, a commitment from filehostingarea. You therefore bring a lot by consulting this site and we thank you for it.

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about our service :

free unlimited file storage with no file size restriction

create an account or not according to your desire

after each file upload a link is assigned to it

you can reference your files on search browsers to
find them more easily but this is not a requirement

features change if you have an account or not

you can attach a presentation page
to your file, this page will illustrate
your file and contain it.

Our prices :

50% of our profits are distributed to charities, international organizations, with the aim of promoting positive ideologies.

- drag and drop file upload

- url shortener

- we back up your files every days

- priority customer support

- an FTP account

- no ads


- all premium functions

- sell your files

Coming soon ...

- Access to all paid functions (premium + business + ...)

Coming soon ...


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Phone number : +33 6 38 72 06 11

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Email : contact@filehostingarea.com



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